Optimising Internal Security Influence – Classroom

Optimising Internal Security Influence – Classroom

Optimising internal security influence - Classroom - three days

Duration: 3 days / 18 hours
Delivery method: Classroom / In-company training
Cost: Available upon application
Language: English
Course code: ARSI3-C

Unleash the power of unified security: Transforming communication, branding, and culture

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, effective communication, strategic branding, and a cohesive organizational culture are paramount. The “Optimising Internal Security Influence” course has been meticulously crafted to empower your company’s security department with the strategic insights and practical tools needed to elevate communication, branding, and culture. Discover how this course can revolutionize your internal security and drive positive impact across your entire business.

As a maths questions, how does a small percentage, influence a large percentage, consistently!

Image showing percentages for influencing

Table numbers are numerical examples only, for representation

Potential business benefits, the why

Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful security operations. This course equips your security department with the skills to streamline communication channels, ensuring seamless information flow between security teams, departments, and stakeholders. Experience heightened collaboration and decision-making that accelerates business growth.
Your security department isn't just a support function—it's a vital aspect of your corporate identity. Learn how to strategically position your security team as a trusted partner within your organization. Elevate your department's brand image, boosting credibility, and showcasing your integral role in safeguarding business operations.
A strong and cohesive security culture is essential for achieving collective organizational goals. This course delves into techniques to foster a sense of unity and shared purpose within your security team, while also bridging cultural divides across departments. Empower your security staff to collaborate seamlessly and contribute to the overall success of the business.
A security department that communicates effectively, boasts a strong brand, and embodies a unified culture has the power to drive significant positive change. Unleash the potential of your security team to enhance efficiency, minimize risks, and contribute to the broader business objectives.
Embrace the diversity within your security team and tap into its potential to enrich your organization's fabric. This course demonstrates how cross-cultural collaboration within your security culture can lead to innovation, problem-solving, and enhanced decision-making that benefits the entire business ecosystem.
By optimising internal security influence, you're investing in the backbone of your business. Empower your security department to transcend its traditional role and become an indispensable force that drives excellence, growth, and resilience throughout the organization.

The “Optimising Internal Security Influence” course is your gateway to unlocking the untapped potential of your security department. Elevate communication, enhance branding, foster a cohesive culture, and drive positive impact across your business. Position your security team as catalysts for positive change and innovation.

Contact us at  to learn more or enroll in the course today. Take the first step toward transforming your security department into a powerful influencer that propels your organization to new heights.

Invest in your security department’s success and watch it become a driving force for your business’s greater good.

In-house courses

To facilitate *oversight, there is the option to have one or two remote delegates.
The remote delegates can watch both instructor and presentations, in addition to full audio and ask questions.
This is subject to Terms and Conditions, regarding privacy for classroom delegates, reliable internet speed requirements and confirmation of an agreed framework for remote participants.

*Example: Training manager, inhouse instructor, line manager, quality manager

Bespoken in-house (in-company) delivery: No matter how good a chef is, a person will modify the plate in front of them and may even leave some items on the side .

The above course can be modified to better fit, the needs of your organisation

Translations:  Course can be delivered in English, with the use of a client approved translator, to another language. 

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