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Contact Avsec Resilience Ltd

Within the United Kingdom
Phone: 08081 688 339

Outside of the United Kingdom
Phone: +44 8081 688 339
Current UK time zone: UTC/ GMT +1

Email: info@avsec-resilience.com

Avsec Resilience Ltd is a B4B (Business for Business) company, commonly referred to as B2B (Business to Business). Emailing or phoning us, does not add you to a database or a subscription of any kind.

Social media – to follow or not to follow, a quick overview
linkedin-lgo LinkedIn = Social media platform for professionals and free to join.

To follow a company on LinkedIn you first need a LinkedIn account and you will need to be logged in when you press the “follow” button on a companies page.
To unfollow a company, return to the company page (when you are logged in) and press unfollow.
Additional information is available on the LinkedIn home page > help centre (at the bottom of their site) for more technical Q&A on this social media platform.
If you have got this far, try the LinkedIn button below and follow.


Twitter-logo-blue-300x243 Twitter =  online social networking service (free) that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages which are called “tweets.”

To follow: You will need a twitter account to follow @AvsecResilience and to send tweets to use but you can read the tweets without an account/signing in.
To unfollow: you will need to be logged in, go to: My profile> following> @AvsecResilience > and press “unfollow”
Additional information is available on the Twitter home page, at the bottom,  for help and advice on setting up an account, does and don’ts and more useful information.


Favourites – Save a  Company icon logo, also known as a favicon avsec-resilience.com page for later, online reading 
Favourtes Laptop or workstation

Press Ctrl+D to bookmark a page or ALT+Z

blackjberry Blackberry

Go to BlackBerry menu and select the option to ‘add to offline browser’. You will then get a popup box which will show you the web link and it will ask you to enter a title.

apple iPhone or iPad

To add a webpage to your Reading List, tap andriod 3  then tap Add to Reading List. Safari will save the link and the webpage so you can read it, even when you’re offline. To view your Reading List, tap andriod 1  and then tap andriod 2. To delete an item from your Reading List, swipe left across the item, then tap Delete.

andiod  Android
  • If you tap and hold the Reader View icon icon 4 in the address bar, the page you’re on will be added to your reading list.
  • If you’re already in Reader View and want to finish what you are reading later, you can add that article to your reading list. Just tap the screen to bring up the controls and press the add button to put the current article on your list.

Save a page, for offline reading

Firefox website icon Firefox

In your tool bar go to File > (on the drop down) Save Page As (Crtl+S)
A pop up box will appear: SAVE AS, at the base you will see
File name:
Save as type: (choose on the drop down options): Web Page, complete

Chrome website icon Chrome

In your tool bar, go to   , drop down to “more tools” and save page as
Save as type: (choose on the drop down options): Web Page, complete

 Internet explorer

In your tool bar go to File > (on the drop down) Save Page As
File name:
Save as type: (choose on the drop down options): Web Archive, single file (*mht)

Screen shot

If you are on a mobile device,  why not try taking a screen shot


QR code (Quick Response code)

Not on your own computer/ smart phone/ tablet?

avsec-resilience.com QR code is below, to scan and view this website later

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